Studio Policies

tuition policies

Students will be charged for classes up to the date that written notification of their withdrawal is received, whether or not they have attended. Tuition will not be deducted for classes missed by the student. In other words, if the student misses a month of classes and returns, that student will be expected to pay that month’s tuition. Tuition will not be deducted or pro-rated for days missed due to snow.  Billing statements will be mailed for delinquent accounts only. 

If professional collection is needed to collect a delinquent account, a collection fee will be added to the total.  A $25 returned check fee will be charged for returned checks.


Regular class attendance is absolutely necessary! This is crucial for your child to have her/his best experience. This is an important part of your child’s education that you pay for.  If the student is injured and cannot dance, your dancer is encouraged to come and observe. An important part of the art of dance is discipline, and that means a commitment to regular class attendance.
Absences and tardiness can hold back the entire class. Dance is a physical and sometimes frustrating activity, especially when the young dancer realizes that it is not easy. Remind your dancer of her or his commitment and you will find your dancer feeling quite good after class. The teacher reserves the right to dismiss a child from class due to disciplinary problems. There will be no refunds or deductions for classes missed by the student regardless of reason for absence.

Class placement

Student class placement is generally by grade in school. However, student placement is decided by the instructors with the best interest of the student and classes in mind. Age, grade in school, ability, previous training, rate of improvement and maturity are all considered. The height of the child and the placement of the child’s friends are not considered.

student pick up

Parents are responsible for their child(ren) at all times, except during class time. Our staff will not be responsible for any child before or after class time. Please pick up your dancer promptly. Do not leave siblings, or friends, at the studio as they will NOT be supervised.


A costume deposit of $55 or $75, depending on level, is due with the first tuition payment, for female ballet students. If the student’s costume cost is more than $55 or $75, the remainder will be billed in January. Costumes will be released to the student in May once all tuition and costume fees have been paid. Should the student be unable to dance in the May performances, or withdraws after the costumes have been ordered in January, the parents will still be responsible for cost of the costume. The studio reserves the right to use the costume for a replacement performer. The costume may be picked up after the performances.

withdrawal from class

Written or emailed notification is required for withdrawal from classes. We will not consider the student withdrawn until written or emailed notification is received. The student’s guardian will be responsible for tuition payments until the studio is notified of withdrawal. If a student withdraws after the first class meeting of the month, the full month’s tuition will be charged. If the student is on monthly check-draft and withdraws after the check is drafted, the tuition will not be refunded. Registration fees are non-refundable. If a student withdraws after costumes are ordered, the guardian is still responsible for the total cost of the costume.

snow days

When making the decision to cancel classes, the well-being of both our dancers (we have teenage drivers) and teachers is our top priority.  Class cancellation due to inclement weather will be primarily based on the condition of the main roads, but other factors are taken into consideration as well.  We will not close just because the public school system is. Cancellation information will be posted on our website Home Page, the Boone Weather page, our Facebook Page, and on the studio phone message. A decision will be made by 2:00pm. We do everything we can to hold classes and do not take cancellations lightly. Because we live in the High Country, “snow” days are taken into account when figuring tuition rates.  This means if your dance class(es) doesn’t get cancelled it is a bonus for you!  If three consecutive classes are cancelled a make-up day will offered.

private lessons & studio rental

Private lessons are $40 an hour, $30 for half an hour.  If a student needs extra help, or has missed classes and fallen behind, the teacher is not to be expected to help a student outside of class except in a paid, private lesson. Our facilities are available to rent.  Contact us for information.