Studio Dress Code

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BALLET: Pink tights and solid color leotards are required for all ballet classes starting in 3rd grade. Pink ballet slippers with elastic sewn across the top are also required.  (Not the satin Walmart “ballet slippers” that are actually bedroom slippers.) Shorts, tight or baggy, are not allowed except for boys who may wear solid colored shorts and t-shirts.  Boys also need white socks and black ballet slippers.  Hair must be pulled off the face and in a ponytail for the younger dancers. The exceptions to this are our littlest dancers ages 2-6 years old.  While these dancers need pink tights and pink ballet slippers, they are free to explore frilly tutus and colorful leotards.  Again, boys may wear anything they are comfortable in, but need white socks and black ballet slippers.  Beginning with the 5th grade class, long hair must be secured in a bun. Loose hair or ponytails are not acceptable because they interfere with the students’ dancing. Bun-making instructions are found here. Students of this age are capable of learning how to make their own bun. The instructors and “older” girls are happy to help.  Also, beginning in 5th grade ballet dancers need to wear an elastic “hip alignment” belt.  Click here for an example.  Hip alignment belts can be as simple as a piece of elastic tied around the waist that can slip over the hips.   


Solid color leotard or fitted tank top is required with tights or tight dance pants.  Boys may wear solid colored shorts and t-shirts.  Tan or black “patent-leather” tap shoes are required for all tap dancers up to 4th grade dancers. Tan low-heeled tap shoes are required for 5th grade and older. Garments that are baggy, or hide the feet and ankles, are not allowed.

JAZZ: The same dress requirements but soft leather jazz shoes are required for 5th grade and older. Pink ballet slippers are acceptable for younger dancers. Long hair must be in a bun, ponytail, or tight braid. 


CONTEMPORARY: Solid color leotard or fitted tank top and footless tights or dance pants are required. Baggy pants and t-shirts are not acceptable.  No shoes are needed for this style.  

HIP-HOP: Comfortable sneakers are fine. Hair should be in a ponytail or braid.  Casual clothing that fits the body securely is acceptable. The attire should not “fall” off shoulders and hips easily.  Tops should be long enough to tuck into pants or shorts.  Tight pants and blue jeans are not acceptable as they restrict movement.